1) Parent Portal - Register and Setup Your Account

This lesson will show you how to register for an Illuminate Parent Portal account. The Parent Portal allows you to regularly and easily see how your child is performing in his or her class(es), view upcoming assignments, and more.

 Before You Begin

You will need the the following information:

  1. The link to our Parent Portal website
  2. An Access Code (if you do not have one you can call the front office or contact your child's counselor)

Access The KLA Portal Website

  1. Click Create Account.

Add Account Details

  1. Enter your account information.
  2. First name, last name, your personal email, phone number, the access code provided from the school, a password (write down your password and keep in a safe place)
  3. Click Submit.

Account Confirmation

  1. A green success message will display at the top of the page.
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