My classroom printer is out of toner/needs service, what do I do?

Every printer on campus has a Fruth Group label with an equipment ID# on it - as seen in the image below.


When you call follow the steps below:

  1. For service and support, Press 2
  2. To order toner, other printer supplies, Press 3
  3. You will be asked for the equipment ID and to verify the school name (Keiller), address (7270 Lisbon, 92114), and phone number (619-263-9266). If there is an error code please that helps.

Another option would be to email or and include the info from item 3 above.

Please ensure you give them your name so when the toner comes in to the office Mrs Liz can let you know it has arrived. Toner usually ships the same day and it is delivered the next business day.

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