How do I check my classroom phone voice mail?

To access voice messages, press the Messages button  .


If you want to...

Set up and personalize your voice message service

Press  and follow the voice instructions.

If a menu appears on your screen, choose an appropriate menu item.

Check for your new voice messages

Look for:

•  A steady red light on your handset.

•  A flashing message waiting icon  and text message on your phone screen.

Note The red light and message waiting icon display only when you have a message on your primary line, even if you receive voice messages on other lines.

Listen for:

•  A stutter tone from your handset, headset, or speakerphone when you place a call.

Note The stutter tone is line-specific. You hear it only when using the line with the waiting message.

Listen to your voice messages or access the voice- messages menu

Press .

Depending on your voice-message service, doing so auto-dials the message service or provides a menu on your screen.

You will then be prompted for the VM Pin number that your Tech Coordinator set up for you.

If you are connecting to a voice-message service, the line that has a voice message is selected by default.

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